Welcome to the Strange Dominions
May 10, 2022

The ethos of Strange Dominions

If you have been listening to this podcast for any length of time, you may have noticed that there are certain topics and ideas that I, my co-hosts or our guests bring up or discuss on multiple occasions on multiple episodes, sometimes multiple times in the same episode. There is a reason for that i assure you. I have no formal background in anything. I got through high school by the skin of my teeth (the reason being a lack of will instead of a lack of intelligence as that sentence may allude to). I have no formal training in anything relating to the paranormal, parapsychology, psychology or the occult. I am currently taking a course in traditional solomonic magick but other then that i am as layman as one could be. What I do have however is an eye for connections and correspondences. I have had a strong interest and passion for anything strange, weird, unusual and abstract since i was at least 5 years old. This includes the paranormal in a very big way. When i came out of my intense psychedelic journey (which i have spoken about at length on Strange Dominions as well as other podcasts) I decided to take my other interest in the occult more seriously. I have always had a lot of norse mythology partly because a portion of my ancestry hails from the isle of man which was conquered by the norse ( my familial name in manx means Thor-People) and so i decided to become a practicing polytheist and try and combine that with occultism. As my research into the occult and polytheist practices expanded i began to see strange similarities between entities in the norse tradition and entities that people experience in paranormal phenomena. As i looked closer i saw these same similarities crop up within western esoteric entities and the paranormal. That is what this entire podcast was born from. and it is my desire to continue this research and find out what the links are between the entities people associate with the paranormal and the entities that people "work" with in esoteric practices