Welcome to the Strange Dominions
May 10, 2022

The role of occultism in Strange Dominions

If you've listened to Strange Dominions for any length of time you have surely heard me or my co-host bring up ceremonial magick or other occult practices when talking about the paranormal. Why would that be so? What does spirit evocation, standing in magic circles or wearing robes have to do with cryptids, ufo's or ghosts? A lot more than one would think. As I've been doing the show and interviewing people from many different backgrounds and who've had different experiences, certain parallels and similarities begin to appear over and over again. Between the frequent mention of sleep paralysis/Shadow people, The weirder characteristics of cryptids such as bigfoot and dogman and the weird symptoms that seem to occur after a magical ritual there seems to be a strong connection between all of these occurrences and the things reported by occultists who deal with spirits. Is everything in the paranormal a spirit or spirit based? I don't know, but it looks more and more like these entities have more to do with the incorporeal than the corporeal. Only time will tell what all of this really means